Earn from surfing 1000 sites daily $0,50. Now we have dynamic surf ratio, progressive ratio has defined that when you reach page 500, you have surf ratio 1:1, for free members.

you will receive cash for active surfing at the rate of $0.30 for 1000 sites viewed

EasyHits4U is a popular traffic exchange program with over 1.000,000 members. This site is a 1:1 traffic exchange system.

Boost Your Biz to New Heights

Elevated Traffic is your "One Stop Shop" with a 3-way advertising combination that will far exceed your expectations.

Splash-Wave- Manual Traffic Exchange

Splash-Wave- Manual Traffic Exchange A JAC Traffic Product. Featuring: VTG Game Zubee Coins AdOne-Ten Stickers Great Advertising - Great Rewards!

Here's what you're missing:

* Up to 100% Commissions for Upgraded Members! * Exclusive Promo-Codes to Top Exchanges for CEO Members! * Unlock the Briefcase and Win 1000 Credits! * Surf 50 pages to Enter the Daily Drawing for $0.50 and 100 Credits! * Weekly Surf and Referral Contests with Cash Prizes!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Elevated Genuine TE 2009 - 2016

If your intent is to Build your List, Build your Brand, Increase your Sales, or like most internet marketers - All Three!!
Elevated Traffic is your "One Stop Shop" with a 3-way advertising combination that will far exceed your expectations.
Elevated Traffic is a free-to-join, easy-to-use, manual traffic exchange that provides a steady flow of active members to your websites.
Very simple to use; sign-up, add your promotions and personalize.
With free and paid services, traffic to your website has never been so easy...

Silver Coin

All members can claim silver coins at 8 pages surfed

Gold Coin

All members can claim gold coins at 125 pages surfed

Diamond Coin

All members can claim diamond coins at 350 or a special upgrade gets it at 250

Prize Cache

40% Chance to Win a Prize Cache when Claiming Coins from

Privacy- Elevated Traffic collects information at sign up. ET will never sell, rent or share your personal information.
Disclaimer - Elevated Traffic is not an investment site. You are not required to pay fees to join.
Purchases made at ET are strictly digital and non-refundable.
Powered by LFMTE
Copyright © 2009 - 2016. Elevated Traffic. All rights reserved.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Breaking News! Zubee Zone Partner calculating traffic

Breaking News! We are now a Zubee Zone Partner.
Free members Silver Coin: Login Daily - Claim 125 Zubees
Free membersGold Coin: Surf 100 pages - Claim 250 Zubees
Free members Diamond Coin: Surf 300 pages - Claim 500 Zubees
Not yet a member of Zubee Zone? It's free to join, go here to register
Please note: unless you advise us otherwise, all commissions are automatically paid to you within 14 days once your account balance reaches $10.00 or greater. Chek bonus surfing

Calculating : The manual traffic exchange that treats

everyone with respect , honesty and integrity . And

we love free members !

From the creator of "Surfing Calculators" comes a

revolutionary new surfing concept that links your website or

splash pages with your banners and text ads

Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Rewards at TE Headquarters

Yesterday we added a new reward at TE Headquarters. Now you can collect Zubee Coins by completing the Daily Tasks. Zubee Coins are part of the reward system called the Zubee Coins, created by John Bell. With each coin you collect, you are awarded a set amount of Zubees which can be traded in the Zubee Coins marketplace for a variety of things, including Advertising and Cash. At a TE Headquarters, we wanted to provide our members with this popular reward system as an extra incentive to stay active daily. As always, reward systems are free to the member and are completely voluntary to participate in for each member.

To collect the different coins, you must complete daily tasks. The daily task section is filled with traffic exchanges from our Top Recommended Sites section. Be sure to fill in your member ID for each site in this section. Once you have your member ID’s filled in, you can start completing the daily tasks. Surf 100 pages at a Top Site to complete that daily task. Then, be sure to click the Blue Button to register that you completed the task.

Now repeat this process until you have reached the required amount of daily tasks for each Zubee Coin. The requirements for Upgraded Members of TE Headquarters is less than for Free Members. Silver Coin: Free Members complete 2 Tasks, Upgraded Members complete 1 Task. Gold Coin: Free Members complete 5 Tasks, Upgraded Members complete 3 Tasks. Diamond Coin: Free Members complete 10 Tasks, Upgraded Members complete 5 Tasks.

It’s important to note here, these coins are BONUS REWARDS for members of TE Headquarters. Many of the sites in the Top Recommended sites section are already awarding coins to their members. So, by collecting Zubee Coins at TE Headquarters, you are gaining an extra Bonus Reward.

Even More Zubees

An additional reward for our members are the Zubees you collect while completing the Hullabaloo. The Hullabaloo is a daily surf event with Hot Flash Hits and a guest site. By completing the Hullabaloo you can win Experience Points, Banners, Zubees and Cash! The Hullabaloo prizes can be claimed appropriately every 55-57 pages surfed at the participating exchanges. It’s a great way to collect more a Zubee Coins for our active members.

TE Headquarters was designed to help members develop a daily routine which will effectively help each member advertise their online business while actively building their downlines in the Top Recommended Sites. With the addition of Zubees and Zubee Coins, rewards are abundant at TE Headquarters.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Mailer Zubee Collectors alert

New Mailer Zubee collectors check it out

Count Down To Launch: 2 Days

Current Members Login Here

Top Mailer zubeezone :

Silver login , Gold 10 Mailer , Diamond 50 Mailer

Silver login , Gold 5 Mailer , Diamond 10 Mailer

Silver login , Gold upgrade , Free member Diamond 50-52 Mailer (Red Banner)

Silver login , Gold upgrade , Free member Diamond 50-52 Mailer (Red Banner)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Earn from surfing 1000 sites daily $0,30 Update 11/08/2016.

Earn from surfing 1000 sites daily $0,30 Update 11/08/2016.

Now we have dynamic surf ratio, progressive ratio has defined that when you reach page 500, you have surf ratio 1:1, for free members. UPGRADED MEMBERS

Extra great prizes daily for upgraded members with different games and promo codes.

CHERRY RED MEMBERS: for every 100 clicks you have 4 cents, no need to claim, it goes automatic on your commission page.

VTG games give upgraded Cherry Red members 1-2cent

STRAWBERRY GOLD MEMBERS: for every 100 clicks you have 5 cents, no need to click, automatic

VTG games

Plus they already have guaranteed daily surf rewards.


free 2000 PAYOUT $12

cherry 1400 PAYOUT $10

gold 1600 PAYOUT $8

We surf dozens of sites during the day. If we notice you are promoting Soft Fruit Traffic on one of the sites we are surfing, we will add a bonus to your Soft Fruit Traffic account. It’s called Special 2 Promote Prize. Banners and text add impressions are counted as well. The more you promote the greater you chance of getting random promote bonuses. Of course, you will also be rewarded by the referrals you gain.

We pay every FRIDAY. For ALL members levels you don’t need to send cashout request if you want via Paypal. But you need to send support ticket with your account details if you want cashout on Payza.

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