Sunday, October 4, 2009

(NOT)how to hack facebook (freezing / freeze) (how to do facebook friends

For sure a lot of facebook users who want to try to do the job or do other people facebook account, it did not try it, just the desire or indeed arrogance there that have hatred (ckckck ... not bae 'niyh), hehe ...

Now there is a way to do FB niyh our friends, the friends we'll be unable to log in FB because of its temporary freeze keblokir alias, well to use this method requires a software named "GroundZerosFacebookFreezer, the workings of this software is, we'll will include our friend email we will kerjain, nah trus select the "freeze, and freeze to take several moments, after the freeze the FB account of our friends can not login as long as we" freeze "it, freeze well for his release back living select "stop the freezer".

To download it please click the link below.


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