Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Avast Software Issues Update For Its Free Antivirus Tool

You know you’re supposed to have an up-to-date, powerful antivirus software installed on your computer. So why don’t you? Is it those pesky little pop up boxes that tell you your computer isn’t protected? The constant reminders to update or upgrade? Is it the thought that because you don’t surf the web over unknown connections you don’t need to protect yourself? Hmmmm?

This week’s update from the developers includes:

  • Faster start after reboot – some components are loaded later
  • File System Shield – solved incompatibility with TrueCrypt
  • File System Shield – exclusions work again
  • Added option to install Skype during Avast installation
  • StreamFilter – Improved compatibility with other AV products

Available for both Windows and Mac, to download the latest updates to avast! Free Antivirus.



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