Saturday, October 10, 2015

PTC Tips

Paid To Click (PTC) sites are the easiest way to make money online. There are hundreds of PTC sites out there. But unfortunately many of them are scams (fraud or not paying) or on the way to that status. So the million dollar question is how to identify genuine PTC sites. There are several steps you can take in order to keep your time and money away from scam sites. Here I describe some tips that I usually follow but you need to adapt yourselves to distinguish the good from bad. Go through the below pointers and stay safe! You can device your own better methods and if you have some, please share with everyone.

Before Joining the site

To evaluate a PTC site, first go to the site and check all the links. If you find some bugs (errors or abnormal behaviors), it is a hint that the site is not well maintained. If a PTC site owner cares about the business (or customers), he/she will try to keep the site attractive and bug-free. In case you feel the errors are not so critical, try to check back after 2-3 days. They might have fixed the bug. Anyway mistakes can happen to anyone!

Check the Terms of Service (TOS) and Contact page in the site. If you find those pages missing, it points to the fact that they are not willing to resolve user issues and complaints. You need not proceed further.

If the site has an active forum, it’s a good indication that the owner is well into the business.

Search in Google about the PTC site. Read some of the reviews before joining the site.

Unfortunately 9 out of 10 sites which offer more than $0.01 per ad are scam sites. Use caution before joining BuxHost sites. Strictly read some reviews. Failure rate of BuxHost sites is very high. Example of a buxhost site here

Never believe sites offer a high amount as signup bonus. Remember, every PTC owners is running the site for money and no one gives it for free. One good example is Buxaffiliates. It gives $10 to users just for signing up but never paid the money.

At the time of Joining

Don’t give your personal details on PTC sites It is not good to give your main email id while registering in the PTC sites. One main reason is that some of the sites will spam your inbox. If you are registering in more PTC sites, it is good to keep a separate email id only for PTC sites. Give strong passwords, incorporating some special characters.

Never use same password on any other PTC site. Otherwise, if a hacker intrudes into a PTC site and gets your password you may lose your earnings in the other site also.

There are some sites like Neobux provides secondary password option. Make use of that.


If you are connecting from a windows machine use an updated antivirus. Some ads can contain malwares or other harmful programs.

After you click the ad for the first time, check your account in PTC site. Make sure that the assured amount is credited. If not there is something wrong and it’s not a good idea to continue on that site.

If a PTC site shows a lot of self-ads, there are things to worry. The question to be asked is how they can pay you without a sponsor.

Upgrading and Investing

It’s not advisable to upgrade/invest in a new site. Wait till you get your first payment.

Sites like ClixSense and Neobux allow members to use their main balance for upgrading. This is a good option since you don’t need to do another transaction involving your PayPal/Payza/Bank account.

Read the policies of the site carefully before upgrading/investing.


As soon as you reach the minimum cashout, request for payment. We cannot predict the life span of a PTC site. It can disappear in a blink of an eye.

If a site is not paying you in spite of your continuous requests, dare to ask them why. Make sure that there is nothing wrong from your part and take screenshots of your account details as a proof. If they don’t give a proper justification, register a complaint against the site. Also make others aware of the scam site.

I will suggest you to use PTC sites as a part time earning or as a time pass. Don’t consider this as a real job. Nevertheless there are lots of people using PTC sites to earn a good amount of money. If you are planning to take this as a serious job, be aware of the scam sites and always be prepared for the bad news.

All the best !



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