Monday, November 16, 2015

Rising Traffic Review

Rising Traffic Review: Is This The Queen Of Rev Share?

With funding opening in 24 hours and Still in its pre-launch (12th June 2015), word about Rising Traffic is spreading like wild fire. Another rev share site promising higher earnings to advertisers. 2 days remaining, 12,000 joined already, people have dubbed it a Traffic Monsoon sister. With a similar look and feel, Is as promising as its features or just another clone? We’ll find out soon enough.

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What is Rising Traffic? is an advertising and revenue sharing company, a paid to click and also a traffic exchange site. The domain is pretty new registered on .There is no or very little information about who the owner/s are, but there are high possibilities that it could be a co-owned site as clues from the about page of the website indicate.


Rising Traffic is legally registered in the UK, with the company registration no.9422275 under the registrar of companies for England and Wales as shown on the image below.

Rising Traffic Review

Reading social signals like peoples’ response towards something is sometimes very crucial for hints and direction. At the timing of this post, Rising Traffic is about to officially launch in 2 days. 12,000 people have already joined the site which is an incredibly higher number than most rev share sites already a few months into the industry

  • My Paying Ads launched on 30th March 2015 and only has 5,000 members.
  • Ad biz Central launched 04th May 2015 and still struggles with 1,800 members.

With such a strong entrance, its either the admin has invested a fortune into advertising or good things are coming. Whichever the case, i can only make sense of people pouring into Rising Traffic in huge numbers because the site offers somewhat similar features like traffic monsoon.

Rising Traffic Features

So let me take you through what this site has to offer

Ad packs

This is a standard feature for any rev share site. Like every other revenue sharing site, rising traffic will have the ad packs featuring 30 pay per click banner ads, 1000 traffic exchange credits and one sharing position per single purchase( one pack). One pack costs $35 which will expire once it has earned you $39.20, that is 112% return on investment.

Note:By clicking a minimum of 10 ads everyday in the traffic exchange, you’ll continue to qualify and share in site revenues.

Vacation Mode

This is an ad pack complementing feature. Members can purchase some vacation time for a specific period of time whenever they feel like they’ll be away and won’t be able to surf the required 10 ads per day. This ensures that they continue to qualify in the revenue sharing of Rising Traffic.


These are non rev share advertisement packages that members can purchase and advertise their other businesses.

1. Exchange Credits

Sites will appear in front of other members when they are surfing ads in the traffic exchange. This also features Geo targeting for members who want to target a specific audience in a specific continent or country.

2. Start Page Ads These are ads that will show up first once a member starts surfing. Massive ads exposure for members who’ll purchase them as people will view your ads first.

3. Login Ads These are ads that will be shown for 10 seconds to every member once they log in to the site. There are two types. Surf bar and pop up ads.

4. Banner Ads Unlike the pay per click plan which features 3 kinds of banners, in banner ads there are only 2 types which are the 468 by 60 and the square 125 by 125 banner ads.

5. Text ads These are text ads that will show up on the overview dashboard of the members back office.

6. Cash links So, there are a total of 4 cash link purchase options for getting visitors to your website.

Geo-Targeting Capable

$1 = 25 visitors stay for 60 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.02 and sponsor of clicker $0.02

$1 = 50 visitors stay for 30 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.01 and sponsor of clicker $0.01

No Geo-Targeting

$1 = 100 visitors stay for 15 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.005 and sponsor of clicker $0.005

$1 = 500 visitors stay for 5 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.001 and sponsor of clicker $0.001

Visitors are delivered from claim links found on the membership dashboard.

7. Massive Traffic Ads These ads are shown not only on the rising traffic site, but on other sites as well hence reaching a much bigger audience of people.

Payment processors

Unfortunately Rising Traffic doesn’t have a Paypal option. However, there is still a wide range of payment processors you can choose to fund or withdraw funds from the site.

These include:
  • Payza
  • Perfect Money
  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Bitcoins

Note: You can only withdraw profits from a processor you initially used to fund your account with. How To Make Money With Rising Traffic

There are four major ways members can earn money with Rising Traffic

1. Rev Share Ad packs

Ad packs in Rising Traffic have share revenues of up to 112%. That means, when you buy an ad pack for $35 and it expires at $39.20 overtime, you’ll have made a $4.20. The more ad packs you start with the better as that means you’ll duplicate and repurchase more ad packs faster, hence high revenues.

2. Referral Commissions.

Like Traffic Monsoon, Rising Traffic features a 10% commission on referral ad packs purchases and 100% commissions on referral cashlink clicks.

3. Cashlinks

These are basically high priced paid to click ads. Ads range from $0.01 to $0.02 per click.

4. Sales from Advertising.

This is money you make from other programs sales you make by advertising using rising traffic advertisement services.

NOTE: Even if you don’t invest a single cent, you can still make money with rising traffic through referral commissions and cashlinks.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide
Is Rising Traffic a Good Program?

As of right now we can only hope that this site will be as good as Traffic Monsoon since the admins have copy pasted the same features and operations. We all know how happy traffic monsoon members are and how successful the site is. Since Rising Traffic is following in the same footsteps, we can only hope for a brighter future.

Rising Traffic is still new and young. It can be very tough to predict how well it will do in the future. However, the smart thing to do right now would be to get in earlier on and position yourself within the site roots. Good thing is you don’t have to invest immediately if you don’t feel the nudge to because you can still earn even as a free member.

The advantage of joining now is that you’ll have a bigger chance to refer more people since the site is not yet saturated all over the internet. This will increase your earnings from ad pack commissions and cashlinks from those you refer to the site.

Just to show you what i mean, I have only been promoting rising traffic inside traffic monsoon for a couple of days now and i already referred 11 people. When the site fully launches, i can only expect floods of new referrals everyday.

Below is a shot from my back office (2 days before launch)



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