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The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

EasyHits4U is a 1:1 Traffic Exchange System. It helps webmasters to promote their sites and affiliate/referral links from other programs. For each site you visit you’ll receive one visitor back to your own Web site or referral link!

The site has been online since January 13, 2003.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Below are the Pros and Cons of the site.

An Established Site – The site has been online for over a decade and is among the best manual traffic exchange sites on the internet.

Paying on time – The site is currently paying all its members on time.

No Referral Limit – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site which is great for those who are good at promoting. Add to it a 5-level referral program.

Permanent Fixed Cashout – The cashout mark is fixed at $3 and does not increase after each cashout. Although this site is primarily a Traffic exchange site, you can earn an little extra for your activity.

Bonuses – For every 25 pages you surf, you earn a bonus. It could be Free Banner Credits, Free Text Ad Credits or a Surf Drawing Ticket. For Surf Drawing Tickets, ten lucky surfers receive a $1 cash bonus each, ten surfers receive 500 credits each, ten surfers receive 5000 banner impressions each, and ten more surfers receive 5000 text ad impressions each. When the drawing is made at the time of the server restart, winners automatically receive email notifications about their prizes. After that, all old surf drawing tickets are voided and a new drawing starts. The more you surf = The more drawing tickets = The more chances to win!

Free Traffic to your website – This site offers great exposure to your site or ref. link without spending a dime. All you have to do is surf other people’s links which in turn earns you an equal credit.



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