Sunday, August 23, 2009

CG Academy - DVD Advanced MAXScript 1 - The Matrix Explained

In this first of our Advanced MAXScript DVDs, Bobo introduces us to the world of 3D math, or as he puts it “how the 3D world functions under the hood…�. This DVD progresses through the theory and practical application of vector, trig, matrix and barycentric coordinate math. It will allow you to manipulate objects transforms, particles speed and motion, to easily align one object to another, and builds on all of these topics to culminate in a fully scripted ray-tracing rendering system!!

This DVD is an ideal introduction or refresher course for any Intermediate or Advanced scripter that wants gain (or re-gain) control of 3D math skills within MAXScript and in doing so push their skills forward and take a firmer control of many areas of 3dsmax

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