Sunday, August 23, 2009

GNOMON Workshop The Techniques of Scott Robertson 6 Industrial Design

On this DVD Scott walks you through the industrial design rendering techniques that he employs within Adobe Photoshop®.

He quickly demonstrates draft view sketching before scanning one of the sketches that will be rendered to a photo-real level. During the rendering of a bicycle, Scott discusses basic lighting and reflection strategies to indicate a variety of materials and colors. Watch along, and by the end of the DVD, you will see all of steps taken in Adobe Photoshop® to transform the initial loose sketch into a very real looking object.

Approx. 7*100 + 1*25 MB

in order of appearance above:

MD5: 6C674D01A41E908F2B23F1A0269DF0F8
MD5: 8C68237A82C23E09282E8D96F3D2C3E0
MD5: A8D07DB6DA779B8433219933BADDBCF3
MD5: FCD1AA3AB2703FC1EA3B7BE4090C15A2
MD5: 301C0785E4DD6CF3F78F7E95DD844288
MD5: A16AA7F96B27320C5726532CAB0CA319
MD5: 4265AF734326B6560C00A0F052425B5F

MD5 hash strings allow to verify the archive’s well-formedness by using a free-ware tool called MD5.exe (shouldn’t be hard to find, it’s standard on *nix). It’s kinda like SFV with its CRC strings.

Password = dd76


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