Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to steal facebook poker chips (how to hack facebook)

Texas holdem poker is a game / web-based applications on facebook are very popular, many advantages are obtained if we can win games texas holdem poker facebook, its advantage is that we can get chips from texas holdem poker and it can sell.

And many also want to get texas holdem poker chips, but sometimes luck has not reached us:). And because it is also directly ask texas holdem poker chips and others are using other means, namely by way of stealing the facebook poker chips.

Yesterday a lot of friends who ask about how to steal facebook poker chips in my article titled "Stealing facebook username and password to use keylogger", this way of asking for various reasons, some say his account hack facebook, facebook account was in collapse , some say because of his poker chips on a steal and his other.

Remember!, This tutorial (how to steal facebook poker chips), I aimed not to steal other people facebook chips, but we steal facebook poker chips, our own has already taken one.

So how, we send an email to the facebook team, and reported that our poker chips have been sent to someone else without telling us, and we give notice that the final transaction of our chips is illegal, it's how little ribet, but this is one its way to our chips in the stolen get back, reply something to add please post in the comments.



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